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Preview image for blog post entitiled THE OBVIOUS STUFF THAT NEEDS TO BE IN YOUR CV
The Obvious Stuff That Needs To Be In Your Cv

I’ve seen literally thousands of CVs over the years and although the standard of CV writing has undoubtedly improved in that time, many people are still getting some of the basics wrong. There will ...

Preview image for blog post entitiled WHAT MAKES A SUCCESSFUL HIRE
What Makes A Successful Hire

I developed a successful hiring matrix for FRS. This is based on what a successful hire looks like and that works for both employer and job seeker. I call it the 3 pillars of successful hiring. If you...

Preview image for blog post entitiled HOW TO BEST LEVERAGE AND NETWORK IN WHATSAPP GROUPS
How To Best Leverage And Network In Whatsapp Groups

This piece is centred around an Award winning networker, Marc Jarrett at Emjay Consultancy, who is in over 300 WhatsApp networking groups & is an expert in what works and doesn’t work in groups....

Preview image for blog post entitiled BEHAVIOURAL PROFILING. LIKE IT OR NOT?
Behavioural Profiling. Like It Or Not?

I’m a big fan. Let me explain why. The higher up the salary band you go the more likely you will be to see profiling show up as part of the process – you’ll hear platforms like Belbin, Myers B...

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