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How To Write A Job Description For A Conductor Profile

June 25, 2024

This is often the most misunderstood of all the profiles because they are not as outgoing and people focused as some other profiles but the value they add is critical to a business.

As part of my “How to attract top talent with precision & clarity” series, we move on to the COACH profile.

We use a platform called Contribution Compass to profile candidates. When we take the time to understand the profile of the person we want to recruit, we can be smart using the right language to attract that candidate, saving time filtering in the right people and filtering out the wrong people.

What does a Conductor need?

  • Certainty, not chaos

  • Routine

  • Predictability & control

  • The trust to get on with their job

What will a Conductor bring?

  • Efficiency

  • Logic and focus

  • An analytical brain

  • Data focused

Balance the risk

Fears not being in control. Overly attached to data & process. Data rules over everything, including people. Not people focused. Don’t deal with uncertainty. Fast changing environments don’t suit them. Can ignore the human condition in favour of optimal functionality. Over focused on “how” questions, which can crush creativity in a team. Prioritise the known over the unknown. Think human emotion is a sign of weakness

The type of language to use in a JD

Commanding. Alert. Precise. Factual. Analyst. Logic-based. Rational thinker. Brings certainty. Focused. Transforms chaos into order. Effective operator. Drawn to predictability & certainty. Quality management. Superior process performer. Research. Ability to find meaningful insights through information & analysis. Numbers. Spreadsheets. Graphs & data. Natural organiser. Academic. Financial. Management. Technical research. Factual view of the world. Predictability & routine. Set procedures.

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