How To Recruit 'A' Players

They can give you your life back and time.

Show them how you can help them to take the next step in their career and CONVINCE them this is the right place for them.

Building a culture of ‘A’ players will recruit more ‘A’ players.

Focus on the value they will add and look at what they’ve already achieved.

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Don’t assume with an “A player” that you have all the power.

  • They will cost you more.

  • You won’t tempt them by trying to pay them the same salary they are drawing in their current role.

Be honest where you are. If you do not have the structure or budget to support an ‘A’ player don’t try, because they will either spot this a mile off and they won’t join your team, or they will grasp this quickly and you won’t be able to hold onto them. You might not have the ambition and that’s ok too but at least know your level.

So much time is wasted by employers trying to make average people good. Sometimes this is not understanding their motivation, sometimes it’s not understanding what keeps them engaged and in flow, sometimes there’s a clash. You are better off recruiting an ‘A’ Player to begin with, someone with the right attitude towards the business, who can add value and develop,

Prepare for the interview properly and don’t make it a last minute 10 second review of their CV – show an interest in them, look up their social profile for clues. The UK has been in a candidate-led market since 2018 and post pandemic this has doubled down. This means good people have options – expect them to have other offers on the table or to be counter offered by their current employer; if they’re that good why wouldn’t other people want them?. It doesn’t mean to say you need to rush through the interview process, but it does mean when you like someone you need to move to offer and get the deal tied up. If you don’t you will lose them. We see this every week and it only serves to frustrate all parties. If you want to hire an “A player” you had better, make sure that you are as well prepared as they are. If you’re not you won’t attract them. Understand their priorities – money, location, the job itself, time off etc.