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How To Write A Job Description For A Calibrator Profile

June 25, 2024

This is the last in my series of my “How to attract top talent with precision & clarity”. Reach out if you have any questions. Last but not least, we have the CALIBRATOR profile.

We use a platform called @Contribution Compass to profile candidates. When we take the time to understand the profile of the person we want to recruit, we can be smart using the right language to attract that candidate, saving time filtering in the right people and filtering out the wrong people.

What does a Calibrator need?

  • Space to “tinker” and develop their ideas

  • They have more creative energy than you think – trust them

  • A flexible system with room to operate

  • To be allowed to be the expert in their field

What will a Calibrator bring?

  • The perfectionist

  • Someone who will develop and build a better way of doing things

  • A creative approach

  • A systems approach to everything they do

Balance the risk

Overly attached to seeking perfection. Need for certainty. Desire for achievement & recognition. Don’t always finish projects. So system focused that people take a back seat. Disengaged if they have no scope to improve systems. Challenged if a system is imposed with no scope for improvement. Getting stuck in micro-thinking.

The type of language to use in a JD

A refiner. Hone the business model. Perfectionist. Continuous improvement. Idea developer. Rational. An expert tinkerer. Authority to be a systems improver. Curious how things work. A big picture viewer. An achiever. Superior systems designer. Solve complex puzzles. Pioneering.

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