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What Will A Catalyst Bring To Your Team?

July 9, 2023

A Catalyst is a person who naturally brings change through accelerating a reaction or interaction, getting raw substance to interact in a vibrant and new way. Catalysts are dynamic, stimulating, driven and inciting. They excel at getting something going with energy, and are often found starting new businesses, leading a new project or taking an existing project into its next big step. They easily plug into the world of ideas and into a vision of the future. Naturally innovative, they bring new ideas and creative approaches into any team.

Buzz words for a job description

Acceleration, creative, problem solver, self-starter, stimulating, inciting, driven, new ideas, constantly evolving, tackles issues head on, driven by achievement, independent, push the boundaries, unorthodox.

What will “land” at interview?

  • Giving them autonomy to get a project off the ground
  • Showing the problems they have and asking for help to solve them
  • Show the role is not stagnant and constantly evolving
  • Achievement will be rewarded
  • Show them how you recognise performers
  • Show innovative thinking or products

What will switch them off at interview?

  • A refining boss who micromanages them
  • Not allowed a certain level of autonomy
  • Too much detail and analytical chat
  • Trying to slow them down
  • Not reacting enthusiastically to their ideas

Rewarding a Catalyst

Directly tie the value they create to their reward.

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