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How To Build A Successful Hiring Process And Stop Bad-hire Grenades Going Off.

July 8, 2023

Many employers use their gut feeling when hiring. Should we ignore our gut? No, but nor should we ignore science and analytics when it can help us to make the right choice.

How many of us have been fooled by a great CV and a charm offensive at interview? The candidate has the skill and experience to do the job and they don’t work out and turn into an expensive mistake.

How can this be prevented?

I swear by our 3 pillars of successful hiring:

  1. Skills & Experience
  2. Natural energy and behaviour using the platform Contribution Compass
  3. Culture & values

If you can align a candidate with all 3 pillars it makes it very difficult for someone to leave because things just work – they have the skill, the naturally aligned behaviour and the culture and values that fit with your organisation.

I’m running a series over the next 2 weeks to look at how behaviour can be aligned to what you need, where to find their super power and what will land at interview with them.

The first thing to do is to complete the free Contribution Identifier survey to understand what kind of natural energy you need in the role itself, so you know how someone is balanced and how a high performer would contribute. If you have more than 1 decision maker in the hiring process, get everyone to complete this.

Once you have the results from this it’s time to profile the candidate to see how close your match is. This will give you an idea how aligned they are to the role or how much of a challenge they will find it settling in.

From tomorrow I’ll explain how to engage candidates with different profiles at interview, so you get the right result.

If you’re looking to hire a Veteran manager today please contact us.

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