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Mastering Job Descriptions: How To Attract Top Talent With Precision & Clarity

June 12, 2024

  • Be clear and concise and avoid jargon unless it’s directly relevant.

  • Define the essentials and desirables.

  • If you are asking for something like a first degree, consider this hard against experience. Some of our customers use this as a means of separating out intelligence and it doesn’t always work like that.

  • What are the key duties and responsibilities of the role? What does a typical day / week look like?

  • Are there any special circumstances attached to the role? (e.g. hybrid working, extensive travel, overnight stays etc)

  • Culture and values language – drop words and phrases that align with the type of person who will fit into your culture – e.g. a friendly family-run business or a fast moving creative and dynamic team or a quiet office.

  • Get your job title right

  • Person spec – what type of person are you after?

This should be used in conjunction with profiling, so you attract someone with the right energy as well as someone with the right skills.

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