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Lessons On Achievement From Sally Gunnell

June 11, 2024

I love the Olympics. I’m one of those people who will watch everything from athletics to show jumping so I’m planning for some downtime next month!

We’ve been members of TEAM (The Employment Agents’ Movement) for 22 years (nearly as long as I’ve run my business) and they’ve been very supportive over the years.

Friday was the annual TEAM Conference, which was well organised with lots of great speakers like Jeremy Snell, Pete Ames & Hung Lee.

The keynote at the end was delivered by Sally Gunnell OBE.

I remember watching her race in the Olympics. Like most of the country I believed she would get a medal – she’d done it before – but ???? was probably out of her reach.

She had a different plan.

  • She was one of the first athletes to bring in a sports psychologist to work on her mindset. She always started her day with “What do I want to achieve today?”. This works in every walk of life.

  • Mindset – the more you believe in your own ability to succeed the more likely it is that you WILL succeed.

  • Challenge yourself – it’s the only path which leads to growth.

  • Dealing with setbacks – learn from them, take the positives and learn to move forward.

  • Have the confidence in your own ability.

  • Keep challenging yourself but know that your challenges do not always have to be big.

  • Always have clarity of your vision and know your WHY.

  • The core pillars to living well always include exercise, sleep and nutrition.

  • We cannot choose what goes on around us but we can choose how we respond.

  • Find 5 minutes every day to visualise what you want to achieve. This way if you “hit a hurdle”, you know what to do; if you get drawn in Lane 1, you know what to do.

  • The people who control their mindset are always the winners.

  • Force feed your confidence – “I deserve this”. You have to find that confidence in yourself – no one can find it for you.

After all this incredible brain juice, this is a race her great rival, Sandra Farmer-Patrick, was never going to win. Go Sally!

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