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Armed Forces Covenant: Fulfil Your Pledge

July 12, 2018

Public or private sector organisations - as well as charities - of any size, who want to demonstrate their support of the armed forces community can sign the Covenant, and a great many do just that.

Some go further and incorporate into their Covenant pledge a range of initiatives that demonstrate their commitment to our military. An example of this could be that the employer 'proactively demonstrates their Forces-friendly credentials as part of the recruitment and selection process.'

For those who do go the extra mile to fulfil or even exceed their Covenant pledges, there are awards available through the Employer Recognition Scheme.

There are other obvious benefits. It is of course excellent PR and could certainly be used to satisfy KPIs in Corporate Social Responsibility. Cynical? Perhaps, but if the employer is hiring ex-military people for sustainable roles that are commensurate with their skills and experience, we can handle a little cynicism.

However, there are those who are content simply to tick the boxes, take the plaudits, and leave it at that. This is both wrong and easy to fix.

If it's simply a lack of awareness or understanding, we are here to help. There are still organisations out there who, despite the best efforts of FRS and others like us, remain ignorant of the attributes that Service men and women bring to civilian workplaces.

Give us a call or drop us a line - we exist to change the lives of our heroes and those who hire them.

Deloitte - in conjunction with the Officers' Association - produced a series of short films that set out the business case for employing Veterans. These are recommended viewing for employers.

By recruiting from the ex-Forces candidate pool, companies can employ the power of military experience AND fulfil their Covenant commitments.


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