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Defence Industry: Veterans Are Good For Business!

July 9, 2018

The review was spearheaded by former Defence Minister Philip Dunne and looked across the Armed Forces as well as industry to measure defence’s economic and social value.

The intended purpose was to provide an in-depth picture to inform proposals for reform through the Government’s Modernising Defence Programme. However, for companies operating within the defence space, the results merit scrutiny and cognisance for a very different reason...

Employing former members of the Armed Forces is good for business.

Aside from the positive PR and CSR implications there are practical, tangible benefits for organisations who recruit from the ex-military talent pool.

The phrase 'the best trained workforce in the world' is often used to describe the UK military. This is not hyperbole. The vocational and practical training our Forces men and women receive creates top tier professionals.

If a business is looking for exceptional engineers, logisticians, project managers, or exponents of any number of other disciplines, they need look no further than veterans of the Army, Royal Navy, RAF or Marines.

As well as their highly sought after vocational skills, ex-Service people are blessed with an extensive set of transferrable 'soft' skills. Qualities such as communication, organisation, leadership, problem solving, and resilience, are cornerstones of the military make up.

Add to this the fact that they are often called upon to discharge their duties in some of the most challenging environments imaginable, and ask yourself:

What better resource could there be for employers within the defence industry than a relatively untapped pool of exceptional people who know how the military operates?

To learn how your organisation can harness the skills and experience that ex-military personnel possess, click here.


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