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Why You Should Profile Every Hire

April 25, 2023

Some believed it’s used to psycho-analyse.

Some believed it’s woolly or nonsense.

Some believed it should have no part in the hiring process.

Contribution Compass has never let me down. Is it the panacea for a 100% success rate on hiring? No. Nothing ever is when you’re dealing with people.

But here is why I use it for every hire we make for our own team and the teams of our customers.

It gives you insights

It allows you to ask questions you might not have considered

You can match the profile to the job profile for a better, more accurate fit

You no longer have to just recruit based on skill and gut feeling

You have a better idea of what you’re getting

You can see how someone fits into your team and the impact they might have

You get an insight into how they might likely behave when they’re under pressure

Help give them a sense of personal awareness

Further insights into how you can develop them if you choose to employ them

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