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Where Does Attitude Show Up?

January 24, 2022

Last week we discussed the three pillars of successful hiring and 3 people have asked me separately where attitude features.
Three key components make up the perfect recruitment process:
Skills & Ability
Natural Energy
Values & Culture

Skills & Ability does not feature in your attitude because attitude and skill are different things – attitude is more aligned to HOW you do something not WHAT you do.
Attitude can feature around natural energy. For example, if you have high refining energy (a sharp eye for detail and natural introvert) and you are doing a job/task aligned with inspiring energy (a people-focused natural extrovert) you will be massively out of flow. Often when we are out of flow our attitude towards something changes because we are not doing something aligned with our natural behaviour. We use Contribution Compass for this.
Values & Culture also has an impact on attitude. If your company values are different to that of an employee there will likely be friction. The same goes for culture. If your company culture represents a relaxed family culture and someone comes in from a corporate background with set rules and structure, again there will likely be friction. Where there is friction, attitude can be challenged.
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