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When Are You At Your Most Creative?

June 24, 2019

The survey of 1,000 UK office workers, by innovation funding specialists MPA Group, looked into the time of day employees feel most creative, and which working environments best help to stimulate our creativity. Specifically, across the whole country, the average time for optimum creativity was 11:05am.

The moment workers feel the most creative, by industry is:

  • Journalist - 9.48am
  • Architect - 10.06am
  • Designer - 10.16am
  • Scientist - 10.30am
  • Accountant - 11am
  • Teacher - 11.01am
  • Admin staff - 11.14am
  • Salesperson - 11.15am
  • Lawyer - 11.19am
  • Technician - 11.21am
  • Artist - 11.46am
  • Engineer - 11.54am
  • Doctor - 12pm

Vic Ulfik, Operations Manager at MPA Group commented: “You’ll never truly realise the creative potential of your workforce unless you give them the opportunity to push boundaries. Make sure you set aside time purely for research and development, where the focus is on innovation and progress, rather than simply performing everyday tasks. Give employees the chance to push themselves and develop their knowledge, as doing so will benefit both themselves and your business.”

Allowing employees to be creative has numerous benefits to companies. A more innovative environment helps staff feel more comfortable and motivated, which can lead to the development of ideas and the sort of progress that keeps businesses at the forefront of their industries. This alone will typically lead to increased revenue and market value but there are further financial incentives available for innovating companies.

HMRC’s R&D Tax Credit scheme rewards such businesses by allowing them to claim back on research and development projects in the form of substantial tax relief. Find out if your research and development time could be eligible for R&D tax credits.


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