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What Will A Cultivator Bring To Your Team?

July 15, 2023

A Cultivator is a person who guides and shapes the growth of a team, project or enterprise through a subtle influence that seeks to adjust, refine and develop. Just as a plant grows and strengthens through a flexible response to its environment, so too does a Cultivator make incremental adjustments in their environment to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. They excel in their ability to manage complex projects and deliverables, while making sure that resources are carefully managed and risk is mitigated in a timely manner.


Buzz words for a job description:

A realist, Calm, efficient, data driven, incremental progress, mitigating risk, expert planning and organising, routine, focused refinements applied with consistency, steady pace.

What will “land” at interview?

  • Control of final outcome
  • Being able to set a planned pace and adjust the plan to get there along the way
  • Assurances that they won’t be rushed
  • The importance of consistency and evidence
  • A portrayal of calm and efficiency
  • Milestones along the way
  • Slow and steady wins the race


What will switch them off at interview?

  • Asking them to be too creative
  • Not paying attention to the data
  • Not giving them confidence that they have the resources to achieve their objectives


Rewarding a Cultivator

They respond well when their reward has a long-term element, and they are able to demonstrate the delivery of clearly-defined outcomes at a pace and in a manner that is subtle and harmonious.

Link bonuses to reaching project milestones or transforming the potential cost of a risk into a return for the company.

If you have a role coming up in the next few months and you want to talk it through, please get in touch.

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