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What Will A Calibrator Bring To Your Team?

July 17, 2023

A Calibrator is a person who ensures that the instruments used to create value are continuously refined and adjusted where necessary. These instruments could include the business model, the systems or technologies, the methodologies utilised, or any kind of tool required or applied in the delivery of the promise. This kind of energy is relentless in its pursuit of continuous improvement and incremental refinement. Calibrators excel when they can tinker with how the system works and experiment with new approaches to old problems.


Buzz words for a job description

Calibrate, tinker, a perfectionist, continuous improvement, “it has to be right”, fine tuning, improve systems, improve the data, new systems, get on with improvement.


What will “land” at interview?

  • Being given scope to make the improvements needed to a system
  • An understanding of the importance of systems
  • Having continuous improvement at the to of the agenda
  • No small talk

What will switch them off at interview?

  • Not being allowed to make the necessary improvements
  • People getting in the way of their system
  • A long, chatty interview

Rewarding a Calibrator

Linking rewards to systems improvements and metrics that have a financial impact on the business.

If you have a role coming up in the next few months and you want to talk it through, please get in touch.

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