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What Makes A Successful Hire

May 7, 2024

I developed a successful hiring matrix for FRS. This is based on what a successful hire looks like and that works for both employer and job seeker. I call it the 3 pillars of successful hiring. If you have the following and it’s aligned to the role you have applied for, you will likely be very happy in that role:

Skills & experience

  • The “experience” in this context doesn’t have to be skill related. It can be your experience as a manager, a leader, an operational organiser, a planner.

Natural energy / behaviour 

  • Natural energy is how you are built. Are you a natural introvert, an extrovert, good with people, good with systems, a creative problem solver, good at getting things done.

Values & culture fit

  • Values are what you hold dear and what you believe. If there is a values conflict, even if the first 2 points are aligned, you will likely have a problem. The culture fit is also important. Google & KPMG are both great places to work I am sure but their culture is very different. What fits like a glove for one person is another’s nightmare.

Something to ponder when you’re applying for your next role

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