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What Kind Of Manager Do You Need In Your Team?

January 17, 2022

They are taught from very early in their development how to manage under pressure, in extreme and often unprecedented and unhospitable circumstances.

Military leadership is based on the concept of duty, service and self-sacrifice, which is part of the oath undertaken when someone joins the Forces. Their leadership style is borne out of a conscientious obligation to serve.

What traits can you expect from a military manager?

• "Can do” attitude
• Organised
• Disciplined
• Engaged
• Loyal
• Have integrity
• Fast learners
• Follow orders
• Think for themselves
• Creative problem solvers
• Get things done
• Have a systems approach to their work
• Team players
• Strong work ethic
• Built to train
• Good stamina

What could you do with a manager like this in your team?

FRS specialise in military managers and leaders:

Operations Managers / Directors
Warehouse Managers
Logistics Managers
General Managers
Project Managers
Transport Managers
Health & Safety Managers


Activating Manager
✔ Driven
✔ Demanding and commanding but take people with them
✔ High on energy
✔ Focused on getting results and targets
They need:
✔ To see & value the contribution that sustaining & refining energy can bring to the team 
Inspiring Manager
✔ Loved by their team
✔ Great motivators
✔ Coaches & cheerleaders
✔ Tuned into their people and help them to grow
They need:
✔ Sustaining energy to keep them on track with the plan & targets 
Sustaining Manager
✔ Inspire others to plan accurately
✔ Diligent and instil confidence in their team through their calm nature
✔ Practical & empathetic
✔ Sensory aware and will see problems coming
They need:
✔ Refining energy to counsel them on what is actually happening rather than what they feel is happening 
Refining Manager
✔ Detailed & decisive
✔ Commanding & deliberate
✔ Good at getting jobs done and bring an industrious energy to their team           
✔ Good at answering “how” questions
They need:
✔ Activating energy to stop them asking “how” questions all the time and questioning everything, which can stall operations.

We specialise in placing ex-military managers. Which of the above do you want? Contact me at 


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