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Veritas, Fidelitas, Honos

February 2, 2020

Well, if you’re anything like the 38% of people who recently told researchers that they have lied on their CV at least once, you will get creative with the truth and ascribe to yourself achievements or abilities that will ‘wow’ the recruiter.

The research, conducted by hiring app Job Today, further revealed that a quarter of people are serial fabricators, confessing to padding their CV with porkies on a regular basis.

Fear of competition seems to be the main motivator for being economical with the truth – which doesn't say much for the perpetrators' confidence in their own abilities. How can you expect a prospective employer to believe in you when you don't have faith in yourself?

Employers respect integrity, they demand loyalty, and as for honesty - well, that goes without saying. Or it should.

At the core of the military ethos lie values such as those above, allied with commitment, bravery, honour and comradeship. That is what you get when you hire ex-military people.

Find out how, here.


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