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May 10, 2019

CEDIA represents over 3,700 member companies worldwide. These members include more than 30,000 professional individuals that manufacture, design and integrate goods and services for the connected home.

CEDIA courses are developed by a global council of subject matter experts to give you the knowledge and skills to succeed in the industry. All CEDIA courses are based around science, engineering and real-world experience and are non-product specific.

Boot Camp

Acquire the vital knowledge and skills necessary to get started in the residential electronic systems industry with CEDIA’s Boot Camp. This comprehensive five-day session is delivered by CEDIA Certified Instructors, and includes both classroom instruction and hands-on training.

The course will provide attendees with the skills required to build a foundation for a successful career as a technician, designer, or even business owner within the home technology industry. The course will also teach the engineering and technical foundations necessary for an individual to go on to CEDIAʼs five-day technical school, and the ESC-T certification exam.

ESC-T Technical School

CEDIA's Technical School is the second part of the City & Guilds Smart Home Technician accredited programme, and is essential for the ESC-T certification exam. This programme is aimed at individuals with either some, or little industry experience who wish to get a thorough grounding of the engineering principles that form the foundations of the home technology industry.

This course, combined with Boot camp, will cover almost the complete curriculum required for the CEDIA ESC-T Certification exam, as well as applying the theory to real-world situations. Practical sessions are included during the week where attendees will look at essential skills such as basic audio and video calibration and ADSL Router configuration.

Join CEDIA and gain access to significant savings on educational programmes designed to put you at the forefront of the quickly evolving connected home industry.

Special Offer

The FRS partnership with CEDIA has resulted in a special offer price of £1500 and includes the following:

  • Technical School and Certification exam
  • Health and Safety course – typically £239+VAT
  • ECS assessment – typically  £50+VAT
  • ECS card production - typically  £50+VAT
  • Fundamentals of Residential Electronic Systems Book – typically  £85
  • Advanced Residential Electronic Systems book - typically £100

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