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The Military’s Loss Can Be Industry’s Gain

April 18, 2018

The NAO report shows that as of January this year the UK’s full-time military was operating at 5.7% below the current manpower target. There are, however, more significant gaps in critical skills.

102 ‘pinch-point’ trades do not have enough trained regulars to carry out operational tasks without cancelling leave or training. According to the NAO, most of these pinch-points are in six areas: engineering, intelligence, logistics, pilots, communications and medical.

This includes a shortage of 2,400 engineers - with the largest among Royal Navy weapons engineers - a shortfall of 700 intelligence analysts and 800 pilots.

Commenting on the NAO report and the resulting impact, FRS Managing Director, Graham Brown, said: “The MOD's recent recruitment campaigns have polarised opinion and the latest NAO figures suggest that there are issues in terms of skills gaps, but what is inarguable is that the military's loss is industry's gain.

“Every year, thousands of highly skilled men and women leave the Armed Forces to seek opportunities with civilian employers. The training these individuals have received in the Services and the experience they have gained - often in highly challenging conditions - make them extremely attractive candidates."


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