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The Hiring Triangle

August 23, 2021

Three key components make up the perfect recruitment process

  •  Skills & ability
  • Values
  • Natural energy

 What does this mean?

 Skills and ability:

Some roles require no, or a low level of skill and others are highly skilled. This part of the triangle also includes literacy and numeracy assessments, which is still classed as a skill. For roles that require a reasonable level of skill it is almost always assessed at interview. 


The only person that can change someone's values is themselves. 

So often what happens is people try and appoint someone to role and say, “We'll help them align their values to us”; This doesn't work. You need to bring people into your team with aligned values and people who will fit your team culture.

 Natural Energy: 

Natural energy is critical to successful hiring and ignored by 95% of interviewers. Yes 95%!!!

 Why? Because employers hire on skill and recruit people they like, rather than people who can do the job. Their skill is rarely the reason they get fired or leave because it’s assessed at interview, it’s almost always the behaviour and much of this comes down to natural energy.

 This is why we chose the Contribution Compass platform to build into our recruitment process. This amazing platform allows us to assess the role itself and measure candidates against it and we can tell with a fair amount of predictability how closely someone will align to the role. This gives an employer the very best chance of getting the contribution they’re looking for.

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