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More On Moving Month

September 20, 2018

The new report, produced by Gartner, reveals that close on twenty per cent of British workers are unlikely to stay in their current role, the second highest after India (40 percent), and well above the global average of just under 12 per cent.

The Global Talent Monitor also finds that worker optimism regarding the jobs market, as well as personal career prospects, are higher than at any time since the Brexit vote. Additionally, the research shows that four in ten of us have 'somewhat high to high' confidence in the economy.

This squares with our recent news item on September being 'moving month', and begs the question: what are employer doing to fill the gaps left by those who are moving on to pastures new?

Get Creative

Employers need to work smarter, be open to new ideas, and not simply rely on the standard issue methods and mindsets. It is no longer enough to bang a vacancy onto a job board and sit back waiting for an avalanche of quality applicants to pour in. Recruiters need to look for staff in new areas, in alternative talent pools, and in new ways.

Up Your Game

The jobs market is such that candidates can afford to be selective, so what would make them consider Company A 'an employer of choice'? This isn't simply a matter of remuneration. Some savvy employers are looking closely at non-financial benefits like flexible/home working, while others are examining the workplace itself and considering how they can create an environment that will help attract and retain top talent.

Value Values

Most companies hire on skill and fire on behaviour and we all know that a bad hire can prove costly - around 3.5 times salary - but in many cases this can be avoided. Behavioural Assessments are a great tool to help recruit people whose values, behaviours, motivation and beliefs best mirror the organisation's own.

If 'moving month' is causing headaches in your business and you want to replenish the ranks with quality candidates, drop us a line or call 01353 645004 today.


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