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Levelling The Playing Field

January 18, 2019

A study - conducted by Indeed - reveals that SME owners see lower name recognition, a perceived lack of job security, and fewer perks as the principal reasons why they are losing out to the 'big boys' in the war for talent.

There are, of course, real benefits to working for a smaller organisation, such as being part of a close-knit team and having greater responsibility for one's area of operation. Add to these the greater clarity that exists in terms of the chain of command and prospects for advancement, and a more positive picture begins to emerge.

So why are SMEs finding it so tough?

Let's not kid ourselves - with employment at its highest level since records began and unemployment at an all time low - the labour market is tight. It's a candidate-driven market. However, if SMEs were better able to sell the benefits mentioned above and dispel some of the myths that surround working for a smaller outfit, a more level playing field could just become a reality.

This is where a recruitment partner comes in.

Recruitment agencies like to position themselves as the panacea for all their clients' ills, but this never has and never will be the case. That said, an agency that is interested in more than just making commission, but seeks instead to become a trusted partner to a client company, can make an enormous difference.

Partnering with an agency that offers access to a recruitment armoury similar to that possessed by the HR functions of large corporations can make smaller organisations much more competitive. Services such as psychometric profiling, market analysis, and skills interrogation, can bridge the gap in recruitment expertise.

FRS Managing Director Graham Brown firmly believes that engaging a recruitment partner is an entirely different proposition to simply asking an agency to fill a vacancy:

“Our purpose is to find candidates who match not only the skills the client requires but also the culture of the business so they stay long term and become valued additions to the team. This is the only way to build long lasting, sustainable partnerships between the recruiter and their clients.”

Find out how FRS can help you level the playing field.


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