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Lack Of Learning And Development Causing Workers To Quit

February 22, 2018

Alongside building employee morale, the research shows that the UK workforce is keen and looking to upskill, offering a potential alternative for bridging the UK skills gap.

As many as nine in ten workers want their employer to make more training courses available.

These emerging learning and development (L&D) expectations are supported by employers, with 80% of those totaljobs spoke to agreeing that companies should offer their staff the opportunity to develop professionally.

Similarly, 87% of employers said they encourage their staff to attain professional qualifications, underlining L&D as a growing priority for employers and employees alike.

With the majority of UK workers feeling that their employers are not providing enough L&D opportunities, perhaps there is work to do around the promotion of these initiatives to drive participation.

Importantly, four in five employers agree that their staff perform better after training, highlighting the positive impact training has on both businesses and employees, who benefit from refreshing existing skills and learning new ones.

Besides the positive impact on an individual’s career, businesses as a whole are reaping the rewards, with nearly 90% of employers stating that upskilling an individual team member also improves their wider team’s output.


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