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Ineffective Managers Costing Uk Plc £1.98bn

June 26, 2018

A new study, which canvassed the thoughts and opinions of employees across the country, has revealed that one-third of workers are ready to leave their jobs due to their managers' failings.

The research, from Bridge by Instructure, further suggests that almost half of UK managers are not prepared to take on their role and do not have the skills to be effective.

These issues appear to stem from a lack of management experience and awareness, with ill-prepared staff having leadership responsibilities tacked-on to their existing remits. Over half of those surveyed believe that their immediate superiors are in dire need of management training.

This is where the 'churn' and the enormous costs are really felt. Disaffected staff heading for the door marked 'Exit' leave their employers with gaping holes in the ranks which they are forced to fill in a labour market where competition for good people is incredibly intense. Employers admit that they are prepared to lay out an additional £527m - solely on salaries - in order to attract the right people.

Poor management practices can have a significantly damaging impact on employee morale, engagement, productivity and, as we have discussed, an organisation's P&L. Good managers, on the other hand - those who have the skills and the attitude to 'take people with them' - can make invaluable contributions to staff retention and, as a result, the bottom line.

Graham Brown, Managing Director of Forces Recruitment Services, believes that management experience gained during a career in the Army, Navy, or RAF can have a hugely positive impact on civilian workplaces.

He said: "Almost from day one in uniform, Forces personnel are presented with leadership challenges and opportunities. Throughout the course of a military career they develop an exceptional ability to delegate, motivate and communicate.

"When it comes to applying these skills in a civilian employment setting, colleagues and superiors typically find themselves enormously impressed by the management, team-building and organisational abilities of ex-Service men and women.

"There is also the added value that accrues when aspects of military ethos and practice are absorbed, almost by osmosis, into the company culture."

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