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How To Write A Job Description For A Connector Profile

June 18, 2024

As part of my “How to attract top talent with precision & clarity” series, we move on to the COACH profile.

We use a platform called Contribution Compass to profile candidates. When we take the time to understand the profile of the person we want to recruit, we can be smart using the right language to attract that candidate, saving time filtering in the right people and filtering out the wrong people.

What does a Connector need?

  • The space to “experience” thing – they are experiential learners

  • The freedom to be “present”

  • The time to nurture their relationships

What will a Connector bring?

  • Understated but valuable people engagement

  • The quiet, gentle side of inspiring energy

  • Someone who values fairness

  • Skilled diplomacy

Balance the risk

  • Sell themselves short to keep others happy. Don’t do woolly plans. Seeing the only solution as being an immediate fix. Putting the joy of engaging over focusing on a return. Putting everyone ahead of themselves.

The type of language to use in a JD

  • Practical. Learning & development. Working 1 to 1 or small groups. Reserved. Low-key. Nurture relationships. Patient. Balanced. Value fairness. Customer focused. Practical. Grounded. Work with people. Finding amicable solutions. Diplomatic. A sense of belonging. Attentive. Connected to what motivates people

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