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How To Successfully Onboard A New Team Member

October 18, 2023

Costly, bad hires are happening all the time and very often they are entirely preventable.

It’s very difficult to put an actual cost against a bad hire because we are dealing with intangibles. How do you work out the damage to your brand, upset customers or the internal damage a bad hire does to your team?

Today there is an epidemic happening in recruitment. Costly bad hires happening all too often. Onboarding is done in a lazy or haphazard way. Yet onboarding is such an important part of the hiring process.

I am putting a series of 9 posts together to show CEOs, business owners and HR professionals how to onboard by profile, using Contribution Compass, so that the people you take on can get settled into their new role quickly and feel at home straight away.

We’ve helped over 10,000 veterans into work since 2001. I want to help our customers to stop bad onboarding. It’s causing candidates to quit, hours in lost management time, not to mention the financial cost on lost recruitment fees and team strife.

If you are considering making an offer why not profile the candidate with us just to make sure? This will give you a clearer idea of what you are about to employ. This is NOT a measure of skill, it’s someone’s natural energy & the TOLERANCE for different activities.

What you CAN measure, you SHOULD measure.

After all, it’s never worth the cost of a bad hire.


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