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How To Onboard A Custodian Profile

November 1, 2023

Welcome to my series on successful onboarding.

Why blog about onboarding? It’s a bit dull and the deal is done by then, isn’t it?

It’s far from done! This is where the hard work begins.

Get the onboarding wrong and there’s a strong risk of the candidate not settling in and you may well have the right candidate but you lost them because the onboarding was poor – this is preventable.

We use a platform called Contribution Compass to guide our onboarding towards a successful integration. Being @Paul Avins’ Team Coach I understand this stuff at a deep level.

How do we do that?

We invite the employer to profile the role and we profile the candidate against the role and we can tell the employer with a reasonable amount of certainty how they are most likely to show up at work and what their preferences will be before they pitch up and start work with you.

I’ll look at the 8 different profile types – all different people and all of which need to be treated in a different way.

Next up is the CUSTODIAN profile.

  • Get the person who interviewed them to meet them, or preferably someone familiar to them. They will quietly want to slip into their work unnoticed to find their feet. Outline what their day / week will look like so they can plan.
  • Give them some reading in advance around your customers & your team.
  • They need to feel like they’re making a difference. If this isn’t felt, they will stall & quietly suffer.
  • They also need to feel like they belong in the team and can bond with others so don’t leave them feeling isolated. Where others get bored doing repetitive tasks, Custodian’s like the rhythm of repetition as they live by order and routine.

How do you keep them engaged and upgrade them?

  • Maintain team balance and harmony. Have the customer journey at the heart of the business.
  • Trust them and let them see you trust them.
  • They don’t need or want their name to heralded but a quiet word when you’re happy with their work goes a very long way.
  • Experiential learning – learning by doing. Help them to learn new skills or upgrade needs to have this in mind.
  • Don’t try to rush them through everything – they will move at a slower pace than an activator. What they do will be ordered and usually right.

Power summary

  • Get the person who interviewed them to meet them
  • Give them some reading in advance to make things more familiar
  • They deeply care about the work they do
  • Listen when they tell you there’s a problem – they have “spidey sense”
  • Maintain team balance and harmony

Do you need a Custodian on your team or are you about to onboard someone like this and you’re not sure?

Email me if you’d like to find out or if you would like a full copy of my FREE onboarding guide to see how ALL profile types engage.


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