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How To Onboard A Conductor Profile

November 1, 2023

Why blog about onboarding? It’s a bit dull and the deal is done by then, isn’t it?

It’s far from done! This is where the hard work begins.

Get the onboarding wrong and there’s a strong risk of the candidate not settling in and you may well have the right candidate but you lost them because the onboarding was poor – this is preventable.

We use a platform called Contribution Compass to guide our onboarding towards a successful integration. Being @Paul Avins’ Team Coach I understand this stuff at a deep level.

How do we do that?

We invite the employer to profile the role and we profile the candidate against the role and we can tell the employer with a reasonable amount of certainty how they are most likely to show up at work and what their preferences will be before they pitch up and start work with you.

I’ll look at the 8 different profile types – all different people and all of which need to be treated in a different way.

Next up is the CONDUCTOR profile.

  • They don’t need to be made to feel special or any pomp and circumstance around their arrival. The less fuss, the better. They will want to be shown to their desk and get on with it. Highlight what they need to control and let them figure out ways to enhance performance and efficiency.
  • Send them information before their start date around data, facts and figures relevant to their role. Let them know what they can read up on to prepare them for hitting the ground running.
  • You will get a commanding, precise, alert, logical and focused individual. They excel at process management for efficient delivery. They will focus on data, reports and analysis and have the ability to spot trends through analysing data.
  • They are not usually people focused so they may upset other team members with their “way”. This “way” can have a negative impact on other people as they don’t tend to be natural around people.

How do you keep them engaged and upgrade them?

  • Allow them time to do their work and encourage them to answer the “how” questions based on their stats. You will get buy in from them and they will become a more advanced profile with improved capability.

Power summary

  • No fuss on arrival
  • Send them all information before they arrive on facts, figures and data
  • They don’t do chaos, they need certainty
  • They will spot trend through data analysis
  • Allow them time to do their work and answer the “how” questions

Do you need a Conductor on your team or are you about to onboard someone like this and you’re not sure?

Email me if you’d like to find out or if you would like a full copy of my FREE onboarding guide to see how ALL profile types engage.


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