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June 23, 2021

Most people have, at one time or another, hired someone and not been sure if they’ve made the right call. It’s been a “best guess” or a “gut feeling”, based on someone having the skill to do the job.

  • Hiring can be an expensive business – especially if you’re not sure.
  • Over 90% of employers hire on skill and fire on behaviour. They assess the skill and ignore the behaviour because they don’t believe it can be measured.
  • Consider that for a moment.
  • You will hire someone for their skill and assess it but fire them for their behaviour and NOT assess it.
  • That’s like leaving the keys to your house with a thief for the weekend and asking them not to take anything.
  • But what if you could turn the tables and have some certainty around who you were interviewing?
  • We can help you to turn this 90% in your favour by applying some behavioural science to the recruitment process so you never need to question your decision again.

Contact me, Graham Brown, and I’ll explain how we do this through Contribution Compass .

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