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Grenade-tested Interview Process

April 19, 2022

What we ARE very clearly laying out is our rigorous interview process.
We want to make sure we match the right candidate to the right employer.
This is fundamental to how we work, so we have a 6-stage interview process.
I blogged about this before, and I was asked how long it takes. Only client said they can’t afford to wait weeks, so I’ve put average times frames against each stage.
Stage 1 – Registration Form. Eligibility to live and work in the UK check, salary and location. 24 hours
Stage 2 – Pre-screening Interview with our Resourcer to ensure the candidate is a suitable skill match.  24 hours
Stage 3 – Detailed Interview with a senior member of the team – a deep dive into the candidate’s background and suitability for the role.  12 hours
Candidate sent to employer at this stage
Stage 4 – Contribution Compass behavioural assessment to match to what you need followed by recommended questions for interview. This ensures the right behavioural alignment to the role.  2 hours
Stage 5 – Preparation Interview 24-48 hours before the employer interview we check the candidate’s preparation.  6 hours
Stage 6 – Debrief Interview to get immediate feedback after interview. 1 hour
Reference checks as standard.
Most of the time our searches are complete inside 72 hours, unless it’s a particularly difficult role or the salary isn’t aligned with expectations.
Would you benefit from this approach to fill one of your current management roles?
Email me today at if you want to recruit ex-military.
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