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Employer Indecision Sees Jobseekers Settle For Second Best

February 13, 2018

The research, commissioned by Robert Half UK, revealed that more than half of candidates have waited longer than a month to hear back about a role for which they have interviewed, while under a third have waited longer than six weeks. 

This contrasts sharply with candidates’ expectations of the hiring process. Only 12% think it’s acceptable to wait for over a month.

With 69% of jobseekers reporting they lose interest in the role if the hiring process takes too long, the research has found that hiring managers are taking too much time to get back to jobseekers.

Ambitious UK candidates have 20 applications on the go at once so expect quick hiring decisions. Over a third want an answer within two weeks and 30% expect a decision within seven days. 

Employers run the very real risk of missing out on top talent if they don't sharpen up their recruitment processes. Enlisting the services of a specialist recruitment consultancy can go a long way to resolving this issue, as Graham Brown, Managing Director of Forces Recruitment Services Ltd, explains:

"Specialist agencies are able to go further with their screening process due to their extensive knowledge of a sector or industry. They use advanced skills asessments and personality profiles to shortlist the candidates who are made of the right stuff and who will be with the organisation long term. That is where the true value lies when you retain the services of a specialist recruiter."

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