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Driving Home Professionalism

November 7, 2018

A driver will get you from A to B. He or she will also carry your luggage. A chauffeur on the other hand is a consummate professional who truly appreciates the importance of your comfort, your safety, and your itinerary.

When we at FRS are given a brief by a client to recruit a chauffeur, we look beyond just the livery and the license. Yes, it's important that a chauffeur has the technical ability - a qualification in 'defensive driving' is always welcome, as is safety consciousness, but it's vital for us to understand more precisely the nature of the client's requirements. A one size fits all approach will not do.

One common trait that our clients look for is discretion. A chauffeur will work in close proximity to a client as a private member of staff and this inevitably means they gain an insight into certain elements of their personal life. Trust is essential and discretion is therefore of paramount importance.

Flexibility and adaptability are also key qualities. Flexibility in terms of working patterns, adapting quickly to changes in the client's schedule, and a willingness to go the extra mile, both figuratively and literally, when required.

One less obvious but no less important aptitude is intuition. We look for candidates who have the nous and ability to think outside the box. They will be prepared for every eventuality, risk aware, and able to sense an element of danger.

Communication is key. In order to deliver the very best service, a chauffeur must be able to interpret the client's requirements and effectively communicate both their understanding and their plan for execution. Additionally, the ability to 'read' a client and anticipate his or her needs is invaluable.

Regardless of the situation, an experienced, professional chauffeur will remain cool, calm and collected. Being able to exude this quiet confidence in any given situation and keep your head will demonstrate to your client that you are in complete control which will help to ease any tension they are experiencing and make it easier for them to relax.

Over the years, FRS has placed a great many chauffeurs - a significant number of them ex-military personnel - whose values and attributes are an excellent fit with the requirements set out above. Other core skills learned over the course of a military career, such as discipline, integrity, professionalism and, of course, an immaculate appearance, are certainly qualities one would look for in an outstanding chauffeur.

If you want a partner who appreciates the difference between a professional chauffeur and a driver, talk to us today.


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