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Creativity Is King

August 17, 2018

The task of screening applicants’ CVs has traditionally been an onerous one for recruiters. Technological advancements have, to some extent, simplified the task but it remains a crucial element of the selection process.

Keyword searches are a routine method used by recruiters to identify relevant skills and attributes in a candidate’s application. New analysis, however, shows that the same words are appearing time and time again.

The job search engine Adzuna has studied over 1 million CVs in its system and identified the buzzwords that are used most frequently. Unsurprisingly, ‘motivated’, ‘initiative’, ‘work ethic’, and ‘attitude’ rank extremely highly.

This is understandable. After all, nobody wants to hire a person who is lacking in motivation and doesn’t work hard, but the overuse of these expressions is diluting their value and significance.

Both candidates and recruiters need to do better.

Jobseekers submitting CVs or applications need to ensure that these are tailored for the post in question – one size does not fit all. They also need to be more creative and eloquent in the way they sell themselves.

From the recruiter perspective, the current labour market conditions are such that there is a real battle for top talent. Candidates are more selective, and opportunities abound. Recruiters need to work smarter, be open to new ideas and not simply rely on the standard issue methods and mindsets.

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