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Bridging The Security Gap

December 3, 2019

Here at home, the situation is equally worrying. A survey conducted by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation revealed that the majority of recruitment agencies believe that demand for cyber security staff will only increase. Furthermore, 81% of those surveyed do not believe that the UK workforce will meet demand in cyber security.

The shortage of candidates to fill the increasing number of roles in cyber security means employers will push up pay. 94% of recruiters predict pay for cyber security staff is set to increase, while the remaining 6% think it will stay the same.

Graham Brown, Managing Director of Forces Recruitment Services, suggests that this skills shortage may be mitigated by looking beyond the conventional candidate markets:

"Employers who do not appreciate the high quality and transferable nature of the skills and experience that former Service people can bring to a civilian role are truly missing out. This is particularly true with roles like cyber security that are notoriously hard to fill.

"However, Forces personnel work with info-sec technology that most people don't even know exists and many have been security cleared to a high level. Add to this the fact that those leaving the military, as well as Veterans, have access to unique funding streams to pay for training and education in their chosen field, and you have an ideal talent pool for cyber roles."

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