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Best Professions For Personal Development

March 7, 2019

The study, conducted by funding specialists MPA Group, looked into how many UK businesses are offering workers dedicated time to work on upskilling, training and research and development, and how much time UK workers are investing in further education and new skills.

Shockingly, the results found that nearly a third of workplaces don’t offer employees the opportunity to learn new skills or invest time in development, and that almost one in ten workers last invested time in learning new skills for the workplace five years ago.

Project management (41%) was the most popular upskill that UK businesses currently invest in, with over a third of business also investing time in training staff in communication skills (37%) and writing skills (33%).

The best professions for offering employees opportunity to learn new skills or invest time in training research and development are:

Finance (88%)
HR/ recruitment (82%)
Civil servant (81%)
Lawyer (78%)
Accounts (77%)
Creative/design (74%)
Emergency services (72%)
IT (68%)
Sales (68%)
Operational (64%)
Administration (61%)
Marketing & PR (58%)

Our View

In the current business and economic climate, with uncertainty over Brexit and an intensely competitive labour market, it is more important than ever that individuals and organisations dedicate time and resources to personal and professional development.


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