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Are You On The Move In 2019?

January 17, 2019

The research, commissioned by Studio Graphene, demonstrates that large sections of the UK’s employment sector are unhappy in their role, with 30% planning to find a new job this year and 34% feeling they did not develop professionally in 2018.

The survey also shows that there are a particularly high proportion of dissatisfied employees within large organisations (those with more than 250 employees) compared to micro (one-nine) and small (10-49) businesses.

For example, 45% of people working in large firms feel their capabilities are being wasted – in micro and small businesses the number drops to 31% and 29% respectively. Similarly, 47% of those in large enterprises feel undervalued by their employer; just 29% of those in small companies said the same.

High salaries do not rid employees of their concerns either. Almost half of people who earn over £75,000 said their skills are not properly utilised at work, with 58% saying they could do a better job than their manager. Furthermore, 50% of high earners are not happy with their work-life balance and 44% would take a pay cut to address this.

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