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Forces Recruitment Solutions Group Ltd (North London) specialise in placing Ex-Military candidates into Civilian Employment. This includes members of the Armed Forces that are currently leaving, as well as those who have already left.

Colin Date - Regional Director

Colin brings a wealth of experience to FRS, having served 12 years with the Royal Air Force Security Branch. Since leaving the Royal Air Force he worked with British Airways for 10 years in security operations and global loss reduction investigation and strategy management roles.  This was followed by heading up security for the highly successful Qatar Airways and its group of companies. Based for 12 years in Doha, Qatar Colin understands the Service structures, the commercial equivalent and the multitude of valuable skills someone with an Armed Forces background can transfer to specialist market sectors.  He intends to build long term partnerships working collaboratively with clients and candidates.

Colin will focus exclusively on matching exceptional people with quality jobs across a broad range of market sectors.  His aim is to offer a wide range of roles for people who are leaving the military and looking to launch their second careers as well as to assist those who have already gained commercial experience to progress further.  He is committed to ensuring that business and industry from all sectors, both in the UK and globally, from SMEs to multi-national blue-chip organisations, benefit from the undoubted skills and experience that individuals with an Ex-Military background will bring.  Colin firmly believes that working closely and openly with clients and candidates is essential to success.


Why recruit ex-military?

1)    We use a unique and comprehensive 6-stage candidate interview process to ensure that the people we place will stay, develop and add value to your business, involving;
- a pre-qualification interview to assess background and suitability.
- an in-depth interview covering essential and desirable requirements.

- working with the candidate 48hrs before interview to ensure they are prepared and well-researched.
- Undertaking debriefs immediately after interview for more effective feedback.

2)    We provide permanent recruitment roles at every level. Whatever vacancy you’re looking to fill, we’re confident we’ll be able to find the right candidate matched with the right skills and experience, to drive your business forward.


Why use Forces Recruitment Services?

We have the largest commercial ex-military database, enabling us to access potential candidates from all three of our military forces depending on the skills and qualifications required. In addition, we also have access to other global mainstream job-boards, CV databases and closed military groups.

Our exceptional candidates range from individuals who are currently serving to those who have gained significant commercial skills and qualifications following military service in civilian roles.

Thanks to our 6-stage interview process, you won’t have to deal with any time-wasting, and can rest assured that each candidate you see will be appropriately matched and qualified to your role – higher-quality candidates means you’re more likely to find someone who will stay with you for longer, and develop within your organisation. 


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Colin Date


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