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Sep 16, 2014

DHL Delivers Ex-Military Recruitment

FRS was thrilled to learn about DHL’s new Military Employability Programme (MEP) for drivers aimed at members of the Armed Forces with less than six months service to go.

The Military Employability Programme includes components of driver training and employability skills as well as the opportunity to undertake a work placement with DHL across its network of 400 operations in the UK. Participants will also be able to complete any training modules they require to apply for a Driver Qualification Card (DQC), which, from September 2014, will be a mandatory requirement for commercial drivers. Service Leavers will also begin gathering experience for their Certificate to Work (CtW) portfolio, the recently launched and nationally recognised qualification for professional drivers. 

It is refreshing to see a large company such as DHL joining the growing number of companies that are recognising the true value of investing in ex-servicemen and women, and the benefits they can bring to their business. 

Being in receipt of an intensive Armed Forces ‘no expense spared’ education and training programme, ex-service personnel are highly skilled men and women who are able to bring with them strong team working and leadership skills, professionalism, self discipline and the ability to ‘think on their feet’. It is these core skills that make them a valuable prospect for any employer. 

The Army alone has the largest apprenticeship programme in the country, with over 5,500 completing their apprenticeship training each year in careers including engineering, information and communications technologies, construction, driving and animal care, to name but a few… 

'Britain’s Best Trained Workforce’ - this is not an empty boast!

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