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Jul 25, 2014

Female Attraction Has Never Looked So Good!

The British Army has launched a campaign aimed at attracting women into full and part-time regular and reserve roles following results of research commissioned by them showing one in four women do not find their current career exciting or challenging enough.

This follows on from the campaign launched in January dubbed ‘More than meets the eye’ aimed at kick starting army recruitment in the New Year and showing how the new Army Reserve is fully integrated with its regular counterpart. 

These latest survey results, carried out by OnePoll, suggest a distinct lack of awareness amongst women about army life and the types of exciting and challenging roles on offer.  Speaking to Recruiter, our very own Graham Brown, Managing Director of Forces Recruitment Services (FRS) said, “There are so many trades (over 400) across the military and now women are being sent on operational duty as well. A lot of women serve in different trades as frontline medics, administration and there are obviously leaders and managers as well that have progressed through the ranks and into the hierarchy in the same way the men do.” Graham also added, “I think young girls of 16 to 18 would have their aspirations set elsewhere. They are not really in a position of understanding all the facts and understanding all the trades and the options across the Army. I wouldn’t say that was the case in the other two services [the RAF and the Navy].”  

As shadow defence secretary, Vernon Coaker, remarked earlier this year when the MOD brought forward a planned review of opening up combat roles in the Armed Forces for women, “Many women already serve on the front line as medics, engineers, intelligence officers, fighter pilots and submariners.” 

Now it seems the focus is on ensuring women are aware of the exciting and rewarding roles on offer within the British Army…. 

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