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Mar 18, 2014

Rejection? Reaction. Resolution.

Why DIDN'T I get that job?

Any good Recruiter will give you feedback if you've been put forward for an interview (or maybe even two) and have not been selected for the job. There are so many reasons - lack of experience, over qualified, under qualified, there was a better candidate - but whilst they may be helpful for 'the next time', it wouldn't be natural if you didn't feel a little let down....

Although things are looking up on the job-prospects front overall, there may still be some time before you land that perfect job, so here's a few ideas to keep your spirits up and your mindset positive whilst you are waiting:


If you're not working, exercise will help you to stay positive. Exercise releases mood boosting chemicals into your system as well as giving you more energy and stamina. You don't need to go to the gym - walk the dog, go jogging, swimming or cycling, play football in the park with the kids. Not only that, exercise will help you to sleep well too and...

Be an Early Riser

It's so easy to get out of the work routine and if there's no pressure to clock-in it can be tempting to sleep in. Set your alarm for a 'getting up for work time' and, if you're feeling really flash, splash out a little and get one of those 'sunrise effect' alarms. Also, stick to a morning routine such as shower, breakfast, dog, walk to get the papers, etc everyday including the weekend to help you stay disciplined. Good sleepers / early risers do apparently enjoy happier and healthier lives!

One addition to your daily routine could be...

Cleaning / Housework

Tidy desk = Tidy mind? Well maybe not always true, but clutter on your desk, in your car or your house can cause anxiety and even depression (why should I bother?) If you're spending time at home or in your home-office space (mine's a summerhouse in the garden!) make it a welcoming, clean and ordered place. The same goes for your garden...and theres always the added bonus of that feeling of 'a job well done' afterwards!  And once it's all clean and tidy...

Get Smart

OK - no interview today, but is that old t-shirt and tracky bottoms your wearing going to lift your mood? You may not need the killer business suit today but clean, pressed, smart casual - and a good haircut - does make you feel good about yourself and, most importantly, shows others you care and may be a great time saver if and when you get that unexpected call saying, "Can you come and see me now?" So as you're dressed in your 'workwear', sometime today you can get to your desk / dining table or even the sofa and...


Yes, good old fashioned books and what they contain, fact or  fiction, and the discipline of reading them page by page really does enrich your mind. Use your spare time to read as much as you can, but do keep this reading separate from your job hunt search activities! It's far more beneficial than daytime TV - and do avoid the temptation to get your leisure reading in by surfing and browsing.  Online reading - click, click -  is one of the biggest time bandits.  And by avoiding doing just that is one way to...

Avoid Negative Articles

There's a big difference between keeping your finger on the pulse for a reality check on your job prospects and ploughing through article after article about the lack of need for... / poor prospects for.../ redundancies and downsizing in your chosen job area. Pick your daily newspaper wisely, and only when you've finished the exercise, the cleaning and the reading...


Don't just concentrate on using Linkedin and Facebook on your smartphone (although do keep these up to date and cautiously), but actually attend networking events, remembering to dress smartly. You never know who might be there at these events and could be the perfect opportunity for you to meet your next employer! Meeting people and getting to events doesn't just build up your contacts list - it also helps to build up your positivity. Some of the people you meet will give you encouraging advice and may even be potential job leads. It will let you know you're 'not the only one' and can help you to stay positive and motivated about your job hunting.

And when you are networking...

Avoid Negative People!

Try not to talk to negative people. You need to stay positive, and being with positive people helps massively, so try to avoid those who have given up and want to find someone who feels just the same. Moaners need an audience and just being in their company - be it the 'afternoon pint in the pub mutual grump club' or the 'I've tried it all and nothing works resignee' - they'll drain you far more easily than you'll uplift them

Finally, as if the exercise, reading, housework and networking haven't kept you out of the shops or off ebay...

Don't Spend Too Much Money 

Try very hard not to overspend.  Money, or the lack of it, along with diminishing savings is definitely a key issue for job hunters and there's nothing more depressing than seeing your bank balance going down and down.... and down. Budget well and do try to avoid buying things to 'cheer yourself up', but if you really must then invest (a little money or time) in experiences and not 'things'. Find low cost fun treats that won't be a drain on your savings and resources. Maybe this takes you back to the top of the list...combine your down-time exercise with something and someone; sport or walks or bike rides or swimming with friends or your children.

I like this quote by Thomas A Edison - 'Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.' 


This article was written for Forces Recruitment Services by Alan Cawthorne, Independent Management Consulting Professional



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