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Jul 16, 2023

What will a Conductor bring to your team?

As part of our series of exploring bad hires and how to get it right, we continue round the Contribution Compass with a Conductor profile. Here is what you will get if you recruit a Conductor onto your team.

A Conductor is a person who, just like the conductor of an orchestra, uses their focused and efficient energy to direct the singular instruments of the orchestra into a unified and optimised collective. With the wave of a baton, the conductor keeps the whole orchestra in rhythm and in tune. So too does a Conductor excel at making sure a process or function runs optimally and efficiently. With a natural affinity for analysis and data, a Conductor is able to find meaningful insights through information and the analysis thereof.

Buzz words for a job description:

Detail focused, analytical, data, logic, fact-based, efficient, focused, research, control, precise, eye for detail, predictability & certainty.

What will “land” at interview?

  • Showing certainty and predictability in the role
  • Allowing control and organisation
  • Organisation will be needed in the role
  • Talk them through the process of the work

What will switch them off at interview?

  • Uncertainty
  • Evidence of a changing environment
  • Too much people involvement/man-management
  • Taking control away from them
  • Ever shifting priorities

Rewarding a Conductor

Tie their reward to the value generated through efficiency, financial performance and analysis. This could be cost savings or improvements to key operational metrics.

If you have a role coming up in the next few months and you want to talk it through, please get in touch.

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