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Aug 1, 2023

LGBT Veterans Independent Review Published

I was a Bandsman in 1988 when our First Clarinet player was frog marched away by the Military Police in disgrace halfway through a marching band practice.

It is one of the most disgraceful abuses of power I have ever seen, and I felt terrible for the man in question. Our band lost a great musician and a decent human being. I never saw him again but heard he was dishonourably discharged because he was gay.


Lord Etherton’s review was published yesterday, swiftly followed by the Prime Minister’s apology to LGBT veterans.


Recommendations included individual letters of apology, military rank restored along with medals, uniforms and berets reinstated in an official ceremony and a public memorial to all LGBT people who served.


I applaud the great work Craig Jones and Fighting With Pride - LGBT+ Military Charity have done to finally bring some recognition and justice for the people who were wronged. It will never be enough but it’s a start.

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