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Jan 27, 2014

Spellink and Grammer!

How important do you think spelling, grammar and layout is in relation to your CV/job application?  If you were to read through 100 CV’s in a sitting, how many do you think would be perfect?  If there was one or two little niggling errors in your CV, how do you think it would be viewed by a potential employer?

I know HR departments that throw out CV’s if they find mistakes, no matter how small!  Their view is that if you can’t go over a document with a fine tooth comb before submitting, knowing that you are going to be judged on it, how are you going to manage when forwarding correspondence to their clients when under pressure?

On occasion, I have had to read through over 100 CV’s in an afternoon and I would say on average I find only about 6-8% of CV’s to be perfect!  The amount of times I have seen Manger instead of Manager would beggar belief!

When you think you have completed your CV check the spelling throughout (not relying on spellchecker - it will not pick up the variables in the English language; their-there, our-are, etc).  Then check that the layout is correct, ensure the headings all match (bold and/or underlined), that the indentations are correct and that the bullet points all line up.  Also, If you have tailored your CV for a particular role make sure that the fonts and font sizes all match.

Once you think you have got it right, get someone else to check it, preferably someone who knows more about the English language than you!  Then get it checked again and again.  Only send it out when you and a few of your friends are sure that is 100% correct. 

After all that effort, you can at least be assured it won’t end up in file 13 with the other 94% because of an easily avoidable mistake!!


This original article has been written by Lee Clayson, Regional Director of FRS South West office.

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