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Jan 11, 2019

‘Career-Crossroads Day’ For British Workers

Today, 11th January 2019, the last working day at the end of the first full week of work post-Christmas, is Career Crossroads Day, when most British workers will consider their career options, reflecting on their current job role or position...

Falling just over two weeks after Christmas, at the end of the first full week of work and with the next pay cheque still weeks away, Career Crossroads Day will see many disgruntled Brits wondering if they can really stick out their existing role for another 12 months.

According to research commissioned by Arden University, some of the reasons so many of the UK’s workforce are at this career crossroads include feelings of: boredom (21%), salaries being too low (34%) and too much stress (30%), leaving many considering their futures.

With just under a third reporting feeling unsupported by the current employer, and one in five feeling that a lack of flexible working opportunities is making them unhappy at work, Career Crossroads Day is a timely prompt for them to re-evaluate their career or look for a new job.

However, with the average British adult spending 42 hours at work each week, changing role completely is an important decision and one not to be taken lightly.

Victoria Stakelum, Deputy CEO of Arden University, said of the results: “For the majority of British workers today may be a day to ditch the day job and move onto pastures new, yet, as more than a third of respondents confirmed, acting in haste doesn’t always end up improving the situation. Changing jobs may not be the whole solution or certainly not without further research and upskilling first.

Graham Brown, Managing Director of Forces Recruitment Services, echoes these thoughts and suggests that taking a beat before you leap can make a big difference:

"Time spent on conducting an audit of your skills is a good investment, especially if you compare the results with the requirements of the type of roles you find attractive. This allows you to assess whether a job is a good fit for you and to shore up any areas in which you may be weak. Doing so will pay off at interview and beyond."


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