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Dec 18, 2017

The Armed Forces Covenant Annual Report 2017

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced that 2,000 organisations have now signed the Armed Forces Covenant...

The Armed Forces Covenant Annual Report 2017 has been published by the Ministry of Defence as O2 becomes the latest employer to pledge their commitment to the nation’s military.

Since 2013, the number of employers turning their pledges into positive initiatives for the Forces through the Armed Forces Covenant has doubled every year.

The Covenant has leveraged growing support from companies in many sectors such as education, manufacturing, construction, arts, entertainment, and recreation, to name but a few. From supermarkets to banks to football clubs and charities, the Covenant is also attracting wide support from companies of all sizes.

The achievements of the Armed Forces Covenant over the last twelve months are set out in the 2017 annual report and include:

  • Fairer mobile phone contracts, freezing the accounts of Armed Forces personnel and their families posted overseas and removing cancellation fees
  • Better deals in motor insurance, allowing personnel to keep their no claims bonuses and avoid cancellation fees when posted overseas at short notice
  • Better access to banking, such as savings accounts to Service families posted overseas
  • Tackling commercial disadvantage previously experienced by the Armed Forces community in relation to credit rating and access to mortgages on offer, allowing Service personnel posted overseas or in the UK to rent out their homes without having to switch to a ‘buy to let’ mortgage and incurring additional fees.
  • Over 12,800 payments and £193 million advanced to Service Personnel through the Forces Help To Buy scheme, helping the Armed Forces community get on the property ladder
  • Committing over £22.5 million of Service Pupil Premium funding to benefit over 75,000 eligible pupils from Armed Forces families in primary and secondary schools.
  • Employer networks in a wide range of sectors to support Service leavers through their transition to new careers.
  • Better access to mentoring, work placements and employment opportunities for personnel leaving the Services
  • Increased funding and sponsorship of military charities and sports events such as the Invictus Games
  • Flexible paid or unpaid leave for mobilised Reservists
  • Employment support for Veterans, Reservists, Service spouses and partners, as well as support for Cadets
  • Discounts and special deals for individuals and their families

The Armed Forces Covenant delivery partners include businesses and trade bodies, charities and community organisations, local authorities and government departments.

Signatories tailor their own pledges to support the Armed Forces community and implement these promises through their choice of policies, services, and projects.

Learn more about the Armed Forces Covenant here.


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