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Aug 8, 2017

The Liquid List - Networking In Convivial Surroundings

The next Liquid List neeting will take place at the National Liberal Club on Thursday 7th September 2017 - the Guest Speaker will be announced in due course...

THE LIQUID LIST has its origins in the Options for Change era. It was, in the main, intended to allow Service folk of all Ranks who are looking for a second career to meet others who have successfully made the move into the commercial world. In practice these events now offer a rewarding Business-to-Business event and a home for former Service folk who may again find themselves in the market.

Please note that general enquiries about these monthly nationwide meetings should be addressed to The List via

Any questions about Liquid List (London) should be referred to Mike Nicholson

To get a flavour of these events, check out the video here (c4 minutes)

Potential newcomers to these events should be aware of three important points:

1. ALL RANKS are invited – they are not for the exclusive benefit of the Officer Corps

2. While the Guest Speakers may focus on a particular sector many other In Business attendees will be there to answer questions across the employment board

3. Be you a Job Seeker or employed with a wish to give something back to the ‘system’ your attendance at these meetings is requested

Although the rules apply generally to all the Liquid List locations around the UK, those detailed below are outlined specifically for the London ‘Chapter’:

Date: First Thursday of every month (less January for liver reasons)

Location: National Liberal Club, 1 Whitehall Place SW1 (mid-way between Embankment Tube Station and MOD Main Building)

Timings: Doors Open 1830 hours (early arrivals are at liberty to use the Members’ Bar on the First Floor with its associated balcony); 1900 hours Guest Speaker (ideally never to exceed 10 minutes) followed immediately by introductions – the speed dating phase ; 2100 hours Bar Closes

Attendance Guidelines: There is no need to inform anyone of attendance simply turn up any time before 2100 hours but ideally before 1850 hours. Attendees should arrive with – a loaded wallet to buy drinks, an open mind and business cards without which networking is severely degraded

Dress Code: Club Rules dictate that collar, tie and jacket must be worn in public areas. Some or all of these may be removed once inside our designated room

Ambience: These events might be described as a ‘cocktail party with beer’ by which informality is meant (to avoid confusion please note that other drinks are also available). We are lucky to have access to a location that lends itself to an enjoyable evening which is a bonus since networking should be fun. The meetings take place either in the Lady Violet Room or the David Lloyd George Room

Job Search Team: Many rightly regard job search as a team effort and wives/partners are most welcome

When to Start: Networking takes many forms but the initial process is to research what the world has to offer. So, early in a job search campaign it is crucial to meet people who are working in functional areas that are of potential interest to a job seeker. This important process should start at least 2 years before leaving the Forces

Sponsorship: Evenings can be sponsored – contact Mike Nicholson 01483 200 863 or 07746 960 211 or

Post Meeting Action: Within 48 hours all attendees will receive an e-mail offering contact details of all those who were there whereas all Job Seekers will receive a FREE Job Search Campaign Briefing Pack

Location:  It is a prestigious venue with a great ambience.

Of course, a great environment is only part of the deal – these events need people, both Job Seekers and In Business folk.


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