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Jul 31, 2017

Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

With employment at its highest level for 40 years, jobseekers are in an incredibly strong position - this really is a seller's market...

The impact of this situation on employers is that demand for the best candidates is ever increasing and when faced with a time-sensitive, crucial hire, mistakes can be made.

These mistakes cost money, in terms of hard cash as well as man hours. According to research from The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the professional body for UK recruitment businesses, hiring the wrong person at a salary of £42,000 could cost a company £132,015 to resolve.

These are frightening numbers. However, the impact is not just financial. A bad hire also impacts on company morale - subordinates can become resentful and superiors frustrated, leading to a drop in efficiency levels and an increase in workplace negativity.

Hiring mistakes of this type are, sadly, all too common - the REC report that a staggering 85% of businesses admit to making costly errors in this area.

So, what can be done?

Hiring the best person for the job requires access to a large talent pool, the ability to match an individual’s skills and experience to the role in question, and, perhaps most crucially, a commitment of time and energy to the process. In the current climate of uncertainty over Brexit and fierce competition in all industry sectors, even the most savvy operators recognise that there are times when they need to harness external expertise in order to identify that often elusive 'round peg'.

Recruitment consultancies can play a vital role in helping companies avoid costly hiring mistakes but selecting the right agency is crucial. Employers are becoming increasingly discerning when outsourcing recruitment as many have experienced burnt fingers with the now outdated, generalist, box-ticking approach. This is the age of the niche recruiter, where quantity has to be matched with the very highest quality, and service truly matters.

Ex-military specialists Forces Recruitment Services (FRS) regularly find themselves 'called up' by employers who wish not only to source a candidate for a vacancy, but want to find the very best possible person for the job. This is a task that requires a very real understanding of the organisation’s needs and a keen sense of what the ideal candidate looks like.

Graham Brown, Managing Director of FRS, explains their approach: "Our comprehensive 6-stage interview process ensures that the people we place will stay, develop and add value to a business. If a client is not satisfied, then we will find them a FREE replacement within the first 3 months."

FRS provide clients with access to the largest database of ex-military professionals in the UK - individuals who have proven that they can perform and excel in the most challenging of environments, and who have rightly earned the sobriquet 'world's best trained workforce'.

Ex-military personnel have made and continue to make a massive contribution to Britain today, in boardrooms, building sites, production lines and beyond. They may not be the answer to every question, but the key military attributes of commitment, adaptability, loyalty and conviction are qualities that are highly valued by employers across the country and across business sectors.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes, don't settle for just another agency, add ex-Service men and women to your ranks. Find out more at


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