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Jul 11, 2017

17% Of Brits Lie In Interviews, But Only 13% Lie On Their CV

Men are nearly twice as likely to lie in a job interview as women, new research shows...

Nearly a quarter of men confessed they were dishonest in interviews, with only 12% of women admitting the same. And the Welsh were the UK’s biggest fibbers, with 21.7% lying - closely followed by the Scots with 20.8%. The English claimed to be the most honest, with just 15.9% lying and the Northern Irish on 18.8%.

But the survey - commissioned by professional CV-writing company Purple CV - suggested we’re more honest when it comes to putting pen to paper. Overall, just over 17% of those questioned admitted lying in an interview - but less than 13% were willing to do the same on their CV.

Of those who did lie on their CV over 40% did so by leaving out a job they didn’t stay long at, with another 24% exaggerating their skills or capabilities. A similar number embellished their qualifications. Just over 15% lied about where they’ve worked and more than 7% even took credit for awards that weren’t real.

And lying has become second nature for some - with 8% of our dishonest respondents applying to jobs they know they aren’t qualified for 20 times or more. However, one in five people who were hired because they lied admitted they weren’t able to do the job. So perhaps honesty is the best policy after all!

Andrew Arkley, director of Purple CV, comments: “We would never encourage anyone to lie - either on their CV or in their job interview. There are ways to make the most of your experiences and achievements to give yourself the best chance of standing out without bending the truth.

“In many cases the people who have lied have ended up being unable to do the job so they have ended up hurting themselves as well as their employer. The key to getting the job of your dreams is to be very clear and focused about what the employer is looking for and then showcase your relevant talents and abilities in the right way - backing it up with examples and evidence.”


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