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Oct 23, 2015

FRS Friday: Meet Lee, South West Regional Director

Take a weekly inside look at some of the most interesting and dedicated people you'll ever meet. In fact, exactly the kind of people you'd like to do business with!

This week we're featuring Lee Clayson. As well as being the Regional Director of FRS' South West Office, Lee is also a Reserve Warrant Officer Class One (Bandmaster) with the ‘The Salamanca Band and Bugles of The Rifles’ that are based with 6 Rifles in Exeter. He has recently completed a two week tour organised by the UK embassy and the United Nations, which you can read more about in our recently featured news article

Of course, as the main picture shows, being a Reserve Musician isn't just about music!'

Q. How did your childhood prepare you for your job today? 

I was always playing music in different bands and playing sport, so how I ended up as a Recruiting Consultant I’ll never know!  You need to be quite a confident person and happy meeting new people, so I guess my love of performing arts and sporty competitiveness has made me quite forward and stood me in good stead.

Q. What's the one job you'd love to have if you weren't doing what you're doing now?

I’d love to conduct one of our top, world renowned Orchestras.  The LSO, RPO etc.  I conduct several bands now, but unfortunately the Orchestras are not knocking on my door (yet!)

Q. What was your first car?

I was stationed in Germany when I passed my test at 18, and my first car was an old, left hand drive Ford Taunus (Cortina).  Of course it was my pride and joy, but it was fairly beaten up and I used to try and do all the work on it myself.  It cost me DM1000.

Q. What are your hidden talents that most people don't know about?

Certainly not golf!  I try hard but the handicap is just not coming down! I once played the ‘toilet’ on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in front of a full house.  I’m not sure that has ever been done before or since!

Q. What one accomplishment are you most proud of?

I have managed to bring up 3 fantastic children who are achieving far more in life than I ever did at their age!  One a midwife, one a trainee lawyer and my Son hopes to be in the Army in the next few months.

Q. What's the most unusual item in your desk drawer?

I’ve just checked and was a little surprised to see an inflatable travel pillow.  Well, you just never know when you’ll need one!!

Q. Share something funny or endearing about your pet.

I have a chocolate brown Cocker called Eddie and he thinks he should be in a choir!  It doesn’t take much encouragement for him to sing/howl like a wolf!  He has daily singing practice with my son or when I’m blowing my trumpet!

Q. What's your guilty pleasure?

I love a sneaky Friday afternoon round of golf, but keep that to yourselves! 

Q. How do your friends describe you?

Hopefully as reliable, as I hate letting people down, and I’m always up for a curry (someone would mention the curry thing for sure!)

Q. What's on your Bucket List?

Anything to do with travel.  I’ve been lucky to have travelled a fair bit during my military and musical career, but Australia is the next big trip, hopefully in 2016 or 2017.

Contact Lee

If you have a vacancy or are interested in a job role within the South West region of the UK, contact Lee who will be pleased to help you!

FRS is a national business with local presence. Contact your local FRS office if you would like to talk about how we can help you.

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